Hello, my name is Dennis Taylor and I have been working in the horticultural industry all my life. From the tender age of 13 years, I worked weekends and nights in the local nursery, helping pick and pack plants for supermarkets. After leaving school I worked there full time before taking on managerial roles in the garden centre of the big DIY stores.

After 16 years of managing stores and sites. I then moved to one of the largest nurseries in the UK looking after the plant centre, where a wealth of additional knowledge and skills were gained. These decades of experience and skill have helped me create D-tail Plants, (the name was created by my 6 year old daughter). We take great pride in growing and supplying the finest portfolio of stock for all your horticultural needs. D-tail Plants is a name that’s growing from day to day. If there’s anything you need, just call and were here to help - that’s my promise!

Dennis Taylor
30 Years of - Skills Knowledge & Expertise
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About Us

We are a wholesale nursery and plant centre just on the edge of York. We cater for a wide range of industries that use plants in their business, these include landscapers, garden designers, property developers, golf courses, hotels, pubs, schools and private estates. We grow a wide range of perennials on site and carry a great stock of all the basic palette of plants that are used every day and a range of trees shrubs and hedging for the wow factor to enhance your scheme.

If your business requires plants in and around the country send us your requirements and we will collate your orders, ready for collection or delivery anytime. We also contract grow baskets and bedding for large clients...

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Instant Hedging

If you need privacy a screen that will create instant impact evergreen or deciduous to block that building or eyesore. Look no further, we have hedging plants from 1ft tall to 12ft or even higher. We have common Laurel Portuguese, Laurel Photinia, Red Robin, Holly Privet, English yew box and lots more. We also supply native hedging in a mass of assortments.

All you need at the right prices for a long project and great for the for the wildlife. From 60cm-1.8 thorn for the burglarproof hedge, beech for the elegant hedge.


If you use and need trees in your schemes or garden design, we have every tree that you require. We supply trees in many ways to suit the time of year and keep costs down. All of our trees are grown to British standard to help with your landscaping requirements.

We supply bare root from 60cm 12-14ft, root balls from 6ft-35ft, which are best planted in early winter to the end of march for best chances of taking. Containerised trees can be used all year round. Please be aware of needing stakes and ties or watering systems of large quantities are needed and remember transport will be large for the mature trees and the use of lifting equipment.

We Welcome Everyone

We welcome everyone to come and have a look at our wide range of products. Come and see us at D-Tails, we are always here to offer you free advice and knowledge to help you with your planting needs.

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Now is the time of year to plant your root ball hedging plants. As stockists of root balls, enquire in-store today to see how we can help.